Education and Awareness  
Environment education programme aim to improve educational awareness
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The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is committed to education and raising awareness as core components of the conservation of biodiversity. Although we participate in a wide range of education initiatives, our main focus is on delivering the conservation message on Ile aux Aigrettes and in Rodrigues. 



Guided ecotours
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In Mauritius, we have always taken the opportunity to promote our work, and the visitor programme on Ile aux Aigrettes enables us to provide Mauritians and tourists with the chance to experience conservation in action. The main tours that we offer are:

Employees of a local company participating with MWF in various activities on IAA
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We also visit schools and other institutions on request, to talk about environmental and conservation issues, participate in exhibitions, give interviews to the media and are collaborating with education authorities in Mauritius to make conservation information and resources available to science teachers. Most of our education and awareness activities in Mauritius are now sponsored under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.